March 2018

 Monday, Mar 19 
Kentucky EMS Information System (KEMSIS) will be inaccessible on March 20-21 for scheduled maintenance

 Thursday, Mar 15 
Barren-Metcalfe County EMS Ambulance Board looking at major structure changes (Glasgow Daily Times)

 Tuesday, Mar 6 
Funeral arrangements for Eloise Frances Hultrgren (Sister of John Hultgren)

 Thursday, Mar 1 
Kentucky EMS Connection acquired by KAPA, moves
Starting on March 1 the Kentucky EMS Connection is being published by the Kentucky Ambulance Providers Association and has moved to a new Internet address.

February 2018

 Wednesday, Feb 28 
Switching IV fluids could save thousands of lives, researchers say (CNN)
Replacing the saline in many IV bags with another solution could save lives, according to two studies published Tuesday in the New England Journal of Medicine.
 Wednesday, Feb 28 
Pension bill illegal in at least 21 ways, Beshear tells lawmakers (Lexington Herald Leader)
Attorney General Andy Beshear told state lawmakers Wednesday that a proposal to overhaul Kentucky’s ailing public pension systems contains “multiple legal violations.”
 Wednesday, Feb 28 
Man called 911 thirty times because he fell out of bed. This program stopped his calls. (Lexington Herald Leader)
The Lexington Fire Department has launched a pilot program that will send paramedics to non-emergency calls to treat patients who may need help but not an ambulance. Of the nearly 49,000 calls in 2017, 266 people were responsible for 9 percent of those calls.
 Wednesday, Feb 28 
Senate Republicans say pension reform bill will be changed. Crowd says 'we'll be back' (Louisville Courier Journal)
Senate Republicans told a vocal crowd Wednesday they will introduce a substitute for the pension reform bill that makes key changes, including curbing a proposed reduction in retired teachers' cost-of-living adjustments.
 Tuesday, Feb 27 
Jewish Hospital Shelbyville holds ribbon-cutting for newly renovated ER department (WDRB)
Jewish Hospital Shelbyville is engaged in renovations the hospital says will transform the kind of care patients receive during an emergency.
 Saturday, Feb 24 
Bevin takes $201 million from state workers’ health plan to balance proposed budget (Lexington Herald Leader)
Like other governors before him, Matt Bevin would balance his proposed two-year state budget using “fund transfers” — shoveling cash earmarked for one specific purpose into the larger General Fund, where it can be spent on a wider variety of needs.
 Saturday, Feb 24 
Hardin County ambulances collide responding to water rescue (WAVE)
Two Hardin County ambulances crashed on the Joe Prather Highway in Elizabethtown while responding to a water rescue Friday night.
 Saturday, Feb 24 
Nasty flu season showing signs of winding down in US (EMS1)
U.S. health officials on Friday said fewer visits to the doctor last week were for fever, cough and other flu symptoms than during the previous two weeks.
 Saturday, Feb 24 
State of emergency declared across Kentucky as widespread flooding continues (Louisville Courier Journal)
A state of emergency has been declared across the commonwealth as Kentucky prepares for more heavy rain through the weekend.
 Friday, Feb 23 
Budget cuts mean Kentucky could become only state without a poison control center (WDRB)
Budget cuts could make Kentucky the only state in the country without access to a poison control center.
 Friday, Feb 23 
State activates its Emergency Operations Center to monitor rain, flooding (Kentucky Press News Service)
Kentucky Emergency Management activated its State Emergency Operations Center in support of heavy rainfall and flooding conditions throughout Kentucky forecasted over the next several days.
 Friday, Feb 23 
The impact of EMS: What EMS can teach medical students about patient care (EM Resident)
A medical student perspective of EMS and Emergency Medicine from his ride-along with Louisville Metro EMS.
 Friday, Feb 23 
Anchorage and Middletown fire departments to merge (WHAS)
The merger will allow more efficient EMS coverage.
 Wednesday, Feb 21 
New pension bill pulls back most of Bevin's controversial proposals. Here are 6 to know (Louisville Courier Journal)
What one senator called a "huge compromise," the long-awaited pension reform bill filed Tuesday pulls back from most of the controversial provisions that Gov. Matt Bevin and the Republicans offered last fall.
 Tuesday, Feb 20 
Kentucky Senate prematurely releases details on pension reform bill (Louisville Courier Journal)
Senate Republicans prematurely sent out a release Tuesday evening saying the long-awaited pension reform bill had been filed. Shortly afterward, a spokesman for the Senate GOP said the news release had been sent too soon. As of 6 p.m. the bill had not been filed, but he expected it to be filed later Tuesday night.
 Tuesday, Feb 20 
Trump signs bill providing more access to 911 calls (EMS1)
Anyone who dials 911 can reach emergency responders, even if the phone typically requires someone to dial "9'' or another digit to reach an outside line.
 Sunday, Feb 18 
Can Kentucky afford to have 120 counties? (WDRB)
“We have too many governments and counties for our tax base,” said Toby Herald, a Republican House member from Lee County, population 6,580.
 Saturday, Feb 17 
First responders oppose cap on worker compensation (WAVE)
Opponents to a proposed change in Kentucky's worker compensation law say an attempt to cap benefits would further burden injured workers, particularly first responders.
 Friday, Feb 16 
We'll finally see a pension reform bill next week, lawmakers say (Louisville Courier Journal)
Long-awaited pension reform bill will be filed as soon as Tuesday.
 Friday, Feb 16 
50 years in the making: '911, what's your emergency?' (EMS1)
In the 50 years since its inception, 911 emergency response has evolved into an advanced framework helping others.
 Friday, Feb 16 
The top 10 worst 911 calls ever (EMS1)
With 50 years of emergency calls made nationwide, there are bound to be some callers who don’t quite know how to use the system.
 Wednesday, Feb 14 
Not just Kentucky: This week, we saw the real agenda behind pension push. (Lexington Herald Leader)
Corporations have spent four decades taking traditional pensions away from most American workers. Now they and their allies want to do the same to school teachers and other public employees.
 Wednesday, Feb 14 
Kentucky pension reform: Switching workers to 401(k)-like plans won't be in revised bill (Louisville Courier Journal)
The revised pension reform bill will not mandate that any current or future Kentucky public employees be moved into 401(k)-like savings plans because the move would actually cost more money, Senate President Robert Stivers said on Wednesday.
 Wednesday, Feb 14 
Days after controversial email, support eroding in House for 401(k)-style public pensions (Lexington Herald Leader)
Sentiment appears to be waning in the Kentucky House to switch public pension systems to 401(k)-style accounts as Gov. Matt Bevin proposed last October.
 Tuesday, Feb 13 
Plan to raise $600 million a year for pension debt appears dead on arrival in House (Lexington Herald Leader)
State Rep. James Kay last week filed a package of five bills that could collect more than $600 million a year in fresh revenue for Kentucky’s ailing public pension systems with taxes on tobacco, prescription opiates and outsourced labor and potentially raise even more money by scrutinizing the state’s long-unexamined tax breaks. But Kay’s plan appears dead on arrival.
 Monday, Feb 12 
‘Kari’s Law’ requiring direct 911 access to be signed by President Trump (EMS1)
The bill that ensures that multi-line phone systems have direct access to 911 was created after a woman died after attempts to call 911 from a hotel room failed.
 Monday, Feb 12 
Officials: States stealing 911 funds to fill budget gaps (EMS1)
The FCC is seeking to prevent states from using the funds to pay for other government services.
 Monday, Feb 12 
Pocket-size device to test for heart attacks (CNN)
A device developed in Israel could radically change how we detect heart attacks by making the process simpler, quicker and cheaper.
 Sunday, Feb 11 
KYEM State EOC monitoring heavy rain and flooding (Kentucky Press News Service)
Kentucky Emergency Management activated its State Emergency Operations Center overnight, in support of flooding conditions in southeastern counties.
 Friday, Feb 9 
Congress approves ambulance Medicare add-ons (EMS1)
A five-year extension was added as part of a two-year budget deal, including a requirement of obtaining data while not burdening EMS agencies.
 Wednesday, Feb 7 
Ky. town’s only paramedic program eliminated by technical college (EMS1)
According to a statement, the school “made an administrative decision to suspend the paramedic associate degree program due to low enrollment."
 Wednesday, Feb 7 
Video: Super Bowl ad highlights first responders (EMS1)
The commercial, called “Answering the Call,” reminded viewers to "remember the first responders who keep us safe every day.”
 Tuesday, Feb 6 
Hospitals filling up with flu patients and those who think they have it (WAVE)
Several children are being counted among the more than 100 flu deaths in Kentucky and Indiana. That scary information may be panicking some folks to head to emergency rooms.
 Monday, Feb 5 
EMSEK announces spring conference
EMSEK has announced their 2018 Spring Conference to be held at the Levee in Newport, KY (just across the bridge from Downtown Cincinnati).
 Saturday, Feb 3 
Death toll from flu 'epidemic' in Kentucky reaches 100, including at least 4 children (Louisville Courier Journal)
Kentucky's death toll from the flu this year has reached 100, including at least four children who have died from what is being called an "epidemic."
 Saturday, Feb 3 
Republicans may reveal their pension bill to nervous retirees as soon as Monday (Lexington Herald Leader)
A long-awaited bill to overhaul Kentucky’s financially ailing public pension systems could be filed as soon as Monday, House Speaker Pro Tempore David Osborne said Friday.
 Friday, Feb 2 
Ky. pension reform bill is expected soon (WHAS)
Governor Bevin suggested it's time for lawmakers to focus.
 Friday, Feb 2 
Do you need medics? EKU has some that will need jobs!
The Eastern Kentucky University College of Justice & Safety is hosting its annual spring job fair on Thursday, March 29.
 Thursday, Feb 1 
A real EMS career ladder for the paramedic profession (EMS1)
Six different career ladders with compensation and rank based on experience, higher education and specialized training improves retention.