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The Kentucky EMS Connection has been in continuous operation since October 1, 1996 and has been provided by the Kentucky Ambulance Providers Association as a service to the Kentucky EMS Community since 2018. The Kentucky EMS Connection has a Privacy Policy and offers a variety of free and low cost plans for publishing your information.

Privacy Policy

Free Services

News, Announcements and Photographs:

News and other announcements of general interest to the Kentucky EMS community (as determined by the publisher) are published at no charge. The publisher reserves the right to edit or reject any item submitted and is not responsible for any errors.

Items must be submitted electronically by electronic mail through our Comments section. The announcement should be sent in TXT (Plain Text) format as an attachment to the electronic mail. Submission made in other formats will not be accepted because of incompatible text formatting issues. (If you are using Microsoft Word, save the file as Plain Text using the Windows Default and include the Insert Line Breaks and Allow Character Substitution options.) The announcement should be written as a press release in a "newspaper article style" with simple paragraphs answering the questions of Who, What, Where, When, and Why. We generally remove any bold, italic, underline, or hyperlink formatting and change all text to the same sized font and color. The authors name and title must be included with the article.

We do not write your press releases for you. To minimize errors, you must provide the entire copy in press release format as you wish for it to be published. Please note that we may edit the content you provide.

Please note that we cannot publish:

Photos can be submitted for consideration of publication and should be submitted by electronic mail full-size in JPEG format (not to exceed 8 MB in file size) along with a press release that explains the photo's significance. Printed photos or copy mailed to the Kentucky EMS Connection will not be accepted. Please understand that all photos submitted will not necessarily be published. Photos should have a Kentucky EMS news value or be of human interest to the general Kentucky EMS Community and should not be a violation of anyone's copyright or privacy. The publisher reserves the right to select those photographs that will be published.

Photos submitted must include:

By submitting a photograph, you warrant that you own all rights to the photograph and grant permission to the Kentucky Ambulance Providers Association (publisher of the Kentucky EMS Connection) to reproduce the photograph on a non-restricted basis. This includes publishing in electronic and printed form. Note that, as the photographer, you or your employer retain rights as the copyright owner immediately, without needing to file with the U.S. Copyright Office, but that this photograph is now considered published for copyright purposes by the U.S. Copyright Office.

The Kentucky Ambulance Providers Association, through the Kentucky EMS Connection, may appear in print as the copyright holder when the photograph appears in published form. Periodically, we submit an electronic copy of all of our web sites to the U.S. Library of Congress, and all published photos are included in this copy. In this case we are in no way implying that we are the copyright owner of the specific photograph you submitted but rather are the copyright owner of the published article.

When submitting a photograph you agree that you have not violated any provision of any local, state, or federal policy or regulation related to patient privacy and that you have permission from all individuals who can be identified in the photograph.

You agree to hold the Kentucky Ambulance Providers Association (as the publisher of the Kentucky EMS Connection) harmless from all violations of privacy and assume all responsibility for privacy violations.

As a general news publishing policy, we do not pay for news or accept any monetary compensation for considering news for publication.

What do these conditions mean? Photographs must not violate anyone's privacy or copyright rights. While news photographs that are taken in an open environment are generally exempt from privacy protections unless a person in the photograph had an expectation of privacy, photographs taken by individuals acting in the role of a public safety official are generally not considered news photographs. While you retain all rights as the copyright holder immediately upon publication (without needing to file with the U.S. Copyright Office), you are granting the Kentucky Ambulance Providers Association (the licensed business which publishes the Kentucky EMS Connection) an unrestricted license to reproduce the photographic image. This includes, but is not limited to, publishing the photographic image on our Internet site(s).

Positions Available:

Announcements of EMS positions available in Kentucky will be published at no charge. These are Kentucky positions related to pre-hospital patient care by Kentucky Board of Emergency Medical Services licensed first response or licensed ambulance services (including Kentucky licensed hospital emergency departments) or the administration of that care (communications, EMS management, or TEI positions by or on the behalf of Kentucky Board of Emergency Medical Services licensed Training and Education Institutions).

You must submit your announcement electronically, using our on-line form found in our Positions section, to ensure that pertinent questions are answered and to maintain a consistent format.

When you submit your position, you are entering your information directly into our database and, as such, it will be published exactly as you enter it once it has been approved for publication (subject to minor editing). By submitting your position you acknowledge that you have the authority to submit this announcement. The publisher reserves the right to edit or reject any item submitted and is not responsible for any errors. By submitting your position announcement you agree to hold the Kentucky Ambulance Providers Association (as the publisher of the Kentucky EMS Connection) harmless from all errors or claims.

Services available for a fee

Banner advertising is a great way to reach your target EMS audience.

All banner advertisements are placed in a "pool" and a banner ad is chosen at random and displayed when certain pages from our Internet site are opened.

You must provide the banner graphic, which must be exactly 468 pixels wide and 60 pixels high, and in the JPEG or the standard or animated GIF format. The banners may be hyperlinked to any internet web page or any one electronic mail address.

Please note that we do not provide graphic design services for your banner.

Banner advertising is sold in 1 month (minimum) increments up to a maximum of 12 months. Current banner advertising rates are $40.00 per month. If monthly rates change, those who renew a banner ad without a break in service can do so at the previous monthly rate.

We reserve the right to restructure the web site at any time, and this may include adding, removing, or reassigning pages that currently participate in the banner pool. We also reserve the right to reject any advertisement that we feel is incompatible with the EMS theme of this internet site.

If a banner advertiser is unsatisfied in any way, we will refund the remaining portion of your advertising fee. The Kentucky EMS Connection assumes no further liability.

Payment is expected prior to publication of your banner ad unless other arrangements are made. We accept checks, VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and PayPal.

To inquire about purchasing a banner advertisement, please use our Comments section.